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Sean Lindsey, managing partner of Lindsey Wilson, PLLC, is rapidly gaining recognition as a leading figure in the legal profession. With a law degree from the University of Miami, Sean has dedicated his career to complex family law, specializing in representing high-net-worth and high-profile clients in divorce, child custody, and domestic violence cases. At the helm of Lindsey Wilson, PLLC., he has successfully represented over ninety professional athletes nationwide in various paternity and divorce matters, and frequently handles high-conflict family law cases involving multi-national assets. His expertise extends to all family law-related cases, including post-judgment enforcement and modification, prenuptial agreements, Hague kidnapping, and domestic violence.

Sean possesses a unique insight into the specific challenges faced by professional athletes, including league contracts, demanding schedules, privacy concerns, and their impact on family law issues. With a significant understanding of the collective bargaining agreements across various leagues, Sean is the go-to attorney for major names in professional sports, addressing crisis management and other legal matters. In the past five years, Sean has been sought after to handle cases for professional athletes across Florida, California, Mississippi, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, often collaborating with local sponsoring attorneys.

With an M.B.A. from Nova Southeastern University, Sean brings an added advantage in managing financial, accounting, and entity-related issues. His exceptional ability with numbers and financial matters directly translates into effective family law practice, ensuring comprehensive and precise handling of complex financial aspects in divorce and custody cases. His background as a Division I athlete at West Virginia University further enriches his understanding of the sports industry, enhancing his ability to serve his clients effectively.


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